Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's an Adult Problem Nobody ...

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What's an Adult Problem Nobody Prepared You For?'

Adulting is hard. One day your’re a kid, carefree but with externally imposed direction, and the next—boom!—you’re an adult. Now, you can do what you want, on an almost infinitely grander scale than before, but that means, firstly, deciding what that even is, and, secondly, dealing with the consequences of any failure that might arise—as well as the fear and effort of acting in the first place. Oh, and also? Everything hurts. Sometimes for no fucking reason whatsoever, a part of you will just start hurting, and that’s pretty much it from then on: Gotta add ‘management of this pain’ to the ever-expanding-never-shrinking list of daily tasks.

I’m not saying it’s all bad. Just that it feels as if we enter this huge, responsibility-filled stage of our lives with very little preparation. I guess you can’t really be warned and educated about everything , but there definitely is a whole lot our there that we were not adequately prepared for. Reddit thinks so too, as it asks the question: ‘What’s an Adult Problem Nobody Prepared You For?’ You can check out the full thread here, but below are some highlights:


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